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Our results are more accurate and 10x more detailed than MBTI.

Discover your personality type

A rough description of your combined personality traits.

Understand your core behavior patterns

Personality "traits" add detail and depth to your personality type.

How do you stand out from the crowd?

The third level of detail ("facets") will show you the finer details of your personality fingerprint.

Connect more deeply

Combine your strengths and support each other's weaknesses!

How it works

First, you answer some prompts about yourself:

Lose my temper

Then, after signing up, you get your results.

The first image represents your avatar:

Cute happy astronaut

And the second shows your high-level results:

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You can connect with people you know and receive insights unique to your relationship. No two relationships will have the same results.

YOUniverse comparison graph exampleYOUniverse comparison text example

Each individual and relationship needs different things to grow. Discover your needs and start growing TODAY!

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